Do not Throw Your Tea Time!

Written By Unknown on Friday, March 11, 2011 | 8:36 PM

The average person throw Lunches wrapped tea bags that have been completed Spent enjoyed. Yet another time when you are done brewing tea, make sure you do not throw away the packaging into the trash box, or store the rest in the refrigerator to eliminate odors in the refrigerator.

The make-up artist or a dermatologist usually recommends that the former bag brewed tea is used to compress the eyes so your eyes appear segardi morning. Usefulness not only to reduce the swelling, but also improve the firmness of our skin.

Cammomile scented herbal tea that can reduce inflammation and redness of the skin due to sun exposure. Meanwhile, green tea contains caffeine and a number of substances that can reduce the swelling of blood vessels under the eyelids. Another function is to disguise the dark circles under the eyes.

You do not need a refrigerator to make ice cubes for your eyes. Simply set up two ex-brewed tea bag near your desk. So whenever you feel your eyes sore, you can put directly in your eyes. But make sure the bags are clean.

Another benefit of tea for the eyes, among others, maintain skin elasticity, prevent skin wrinkles, and contains vitamin C than lemons 508-fold greater. Tea also fight acne because they contain vitamins A and B2 (as a natural antibiotic), and to reduce black spot on the face.

So make it a habit to start using ex-brewed tea to wash the face, especially in the morning.

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Do not Throw Your Tea Time!

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