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Not just coffee and chocolate that can be mixed with milk into delicious drinks. Tea can also be mixed with milk, such as Malaysia typical drinks, tea pull. This special tea, milk must be of the type of sweetened condensed milk or condensed. In their home country, how to mix the tea and milk is very unique, is poured back and forth in two containers in a long distance (so impressed withdrawn, that's the origin of this tea its name.) This method produces a foam that is often equated with a cappuccino. You can create your own. Brewed tea until thick (more than usual tea powder), mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Stir until well blended. Can be drunk hot or cold.

Right Time Tea Drinking
Tea should never be taken on an empty stomach. The content of caffeine in tea will create an empty stomach discomfort, especially for people who can not afford to caffeine. However, tea drinking is also not good after eating a main meal because tea inhibits the absorption of iron. Therefore, tea is usually served in the morning or late afternoon snack to accompany. That's when the so-called tea-time.

Matcha Shake
Green tea is increasingly popular in Indonesia, especially types Matcha or green tea powder from Japan. Green tea powder can be purchased at supermarkets or specialty stores tea. In addition served as a warm drink, Matcha green tea can also be made of other beverages such as shakes. How, boil 1 cup water and sugar to taste, let stand until warm and then enter about 3 tablespoons of Matcha tea. If it is cold, mix with milk, vanilla ice cream, and ice cubes to taste, puree with the blender. We recommend that time spent as well as material stored milk could not stand long.

Tea Benefits
Content of substances in tea help to increase the number of white blood cells to fight infections well. Green tea, for example, can prevent the flu. Meanwhile, leaf tea can strengthen teeth, fight bacteria in the mouth, preventing the formation of dental plaque, and prevent osteoporosis.

How brewed tea
How to brew good tea is to seethe water first (not a simmer for a second time or third time) to produce a strong flavor of the tea leaves. And the tea powder or tea bags can not be longer than 5 minutes brewed. After that lift or strain. Because more than it will come out a substance that makes tea tannin was more bitter.

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